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You’ve probably been told a million times by now that internet marketing (i.e., social networking, posting videos, getting reviews on blogs) is one of the most convenient and low-cost methods of promotion today. But it’s also a highly competitive space, filled to the brim with artists fighting for even the tiniest sliver of attention. Therefore, if you want to actually get seen and heard, it’s wise to even out your promotional campaign with a blend of both offline and online strategies.


Times have changed drastically for the music business since the 90’s and even the early 00’s. Giant record stores are but a shadow of what they used to be, record deals are scarcer, and major record labels have gradually given way to the might of indie labels and DIY album releases. If one thing remains the same, it is the importance of having A&Rs listen to your music.

A&R stands for “Artists and Repertoire,” but you probably know this role by a different name: the talent scout. A&Rs are often described as the “gatekeepers” of the music industry, because their attention has the power to lift an emerging act out of obscurity and into fame.

However, aspiring musicians should be wary: landing a CD on an A&R’s desk, or getting them to attend your show, is nowhere near enough. If these industry scouts take notice of what you do, it is critical that they encounter an act which exhibits credibility, professionalism, and the potential to handle the spotlight of the music business with ease. (And talent, of course.) A strong promotional campaign can help a band achieve that status and maximize their chances at landing a sought-after record deal.

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Completed27 October 2019
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